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Hi everyone

I have just come back from my parents place, and I'm buggered. Not that anything amazing happened, it is just that travelling makes me tired.  But enough about me...

I picked up the Penguin Art T-shirts from my parents place and I must say I am impressed! The shirt quality is as good as they say, and the graphics seem to be screen printed on (I'm not T-shirt manufacturer so I could be wrong), so they are not those cheap Iron-on things. I am very happy with them. I will be distributing the shirts amongst the people I work with tomorrow when I go back to work.

Some more people subscribed to the newsletter over the holidays, so a big welcome to Benny, and Adam, the two newest subscribers. The newsletter is now in HTML and is looking abit less crappy than before. I still think there is more work that needs to be done, but it will do for now.

The new years celebrations in melbourne were impressive to say the least. The streets in the city were blocked off to traffic, especially around flinders street, and people were everywhere! I only caught a fleeting glimpse of it as I went by in a tram, but it looked chaotic (in a good way).

My trip to Egypt is now only two months away. I am very excited, as I have wanted to go there for a long time!

One more mention about the website, I don't know who owns this website, but thanks for the link on the right! It looks like I've really touched the penguin community out there. Speaking of penguin community, you may not have heard, but the penguins at St Kilda were attacked by some weirdo(s) a little while ago. Needless to say they are idiots, and it is not right to go hurting anything (people, animals, plants etc) for fun.


Enjoy the comic

Overlord Ro

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