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Arctic Golf
Arctic Golf
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UPDATE: It has been.. well .. ages singe i have put a new comic up. I will get around to it, but for now, check out some wedding photos & stuff at my Wife's website Jessica


Well, it has been ages and I have finally uploaded a new comic, on a thursday no less! I am still unsure of how often I can upload comics, but I will try to keep it up. I am still really busy with heaps going on for me right now.

This weeks comic was in the works for a while, I just didn' tget around to making it. I don't usually play golf, but when I do I usually lose my ball. I was shocked one day to find a green golf ball. Admittedly it was bright green but still a green golf ball has got to be harder to find on a green golf course than the standard white.

Anyway, enough random ramblings from me. Some more people have bought T-shirts, so thanks heaps! I still want to create some more but at this stage I am not sure what to put on them. I will come up with something. Stay posted



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